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We supply Indian Granites. We deliver Unique living experiences.


Granite is the diamond of all natural stones. Strong to the core, built by nature with years of weathering, and gifted to us as a unique designer rock. Mother earth has made sure that it is available in some colors to maintain its exclusivity while still providing for variety. Scarcely available in some parts of the world, the stone is the most coveted piece of architectural grandeur for modern day constructions. Natural granites are still the preferred stone for high value long lasting needs in surfaces of lavish constructions.

At UNICO, we have developed an eye for excellence in choosing the right rocks for embellishing homes. We pick and chose the best sets of granites from whole stone to make your project unique and beautiful.

We are specialists in availing of high quality granite from India. Indian granite is regarded as one of the best in the world. It has all the properties, namely, aesthetics, feel, opulence, strength, endurance and attraction that a granite buyer can expect.

When you need high quality Indian Granite, you can depend on our ability to serve you well beyond your expectations.